I.T. Security Penetration Testing

Security Penetration Testing

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Penetration testing is all about exposing potential vulnerabilities within your businesses computer network and network devices.  WIFI networks can be riddled with security holes and hotspots can also be used by malicious actors to gain access to your business emails and other sensitive data. 

We also approach the penetration testing from the social engineering perspective.  That is when hackers use your own employees like a trojan horse to bring into your networks the malicious software they use to extract data and important information.  Your employees can also be directed to a fake login site and this is where the hackers scoop up their login details for entry.  Our service checks and implements training and procedures to avoid these common social engineering security threats.

Security Testing Simulations

Internal Testing

This testing approach simulates the potential damage your own employees could create on your important systems.

External Testing

We simulate an external malicious actors attack on key components to your system like DNS, email servers, web servers and firewalls.

Blind Testing

In this simulation we attempt to gather important company information just like a normal hacker would.  We go in blind on this attack.

Benefits to penetration testing

  • Revealing your system’s weaknesses, especially those in common security breach areas like email systems.  After your testing is complete we provide a detailed report illustrating these weak points in your network and then offer a comprehensive solution including software and hardware upgrades to avoid any future security breaches.
  • We run black hat hacker techniques to exploit everything we can on your system.  Attacking the system the way they would helps us find vulnerabilities faster and more effectively.  This helps us identify what needs to be fixed on your systems efficiently.
  • Testing your businesses responses to cyber threats helps us determine what strategies and tools need implementing.  Also this highlights which security training methods your team needs help with.

Our Security Penetration Testing Process



Create a summary of your organization’s systems.



Through networks, systems and website for weaknesses.



Exploit all found weaknesses to get access to your systems.


Acting as the malicious actor to try and find more entry points.



Detailed practical  reporting of our simulated breaches into the system.



We take this data and fix then reinforce any system weakness.

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