VMQ can cause erratic virtual machine network performance when enabled, such as latency and dropped network connections. This is especially common with Broadcom Gigabit network adapters.

This how-to will show you how to disable VMQ on your Windows host server using PowerShell.

On your host, open up a PowerShell prompt as an Administrator and enter the following command to return all of your installed NIC’s and their VMQ status:


Next, for any NIC listed in step 1 above with VMQ set to $true, run the below command to disable VMQ. The NIC will become disconnected for approximately one second after you run this command:

Set-NetAdapterVmq -Name “NIC Name” -Enabled $False


Disable RSC with the commands below:

netsh int tcp set global rsc=disabled

Get-NetAdapterRsc | Disable-NetAdapterRsc

Get-VmSwitch | Set-VMSwitch -EnableSoftwareRsc $false