You may want to move the existing RDS licenses to a new server to put an old operating system out of production or just upgrade in general.

Login to the server as an administrator

Install the Remote Desktop Licensing Server and Gateway Role via Server Manager

Once installed open Remote Desktop Licensing Manager from Server Manager


Add the current server into the Terminal Server License Server group as per below,

Select Add to group.

Right click on the server name and select Activate Server

Select Next at the Connect Method screen, (Automatic connection (recommended) is the default)

Enter the relevant information (Company Information) then select Next

Proceed to the next page and fill out additional information.

Click Next and the server will activate


On the new licensing server add the old server into the console by select Action > Connect

Enter the IP Address of the old licensing server.

The old server should now be visible on the new server.

To get the licensing ID right click on the old server and select properties

To get the licensing ID right click on the old server and select properties

Select the new licensing server, then go to Action > Manage licenses

Once the window opens select Next

Select the first option as shown below.

Select the checkbox and select the operation system the old licensing server is running.

Enter the license server ID previously copied, Select Next

Tick the checkbox to agree to manually remote the licenses from the source server then select next.


If the old licensing Server is running Windows Server 2008 not 2008 R2 you will need the original RDS CAL licenses (Refer to documentation) to apply to the new licensing server as a 2008 server cannot automatically migrate the RDS CAL licenses, only 2008 R2 and above.

If the old licensing Server is running 2008 R2 or above proceed through the wizard to migrate the RDS CAL licenses.


After you have verified the licences are activated and functional you can deactivate the old RDS licensing server.

Once deactivated uninstall the RDS licensing role via Server Manager